Still life with velcro boot

A week ago, I went out in the afternoon because the weather was so beautiful, looking for a café named after Evliya Çelebi that I’d heard about. I took my eyes off the road for a minute and twisted my ankle on uneven pavement, which is everywhere here.


The doctor took x-rays and said it was fine but called two days later to say there might be a fracture. By then, I was in Ankara for a meeting. Today doctors confirmed that I’ve got a small fracture, which has led me to consider going home to San Francisco. (I arrived here in mid-February still limping from having injured that same foot by stepping on my cat’s tail in the dark, jumping up when she screeched and landing badly.)

What would Evliya do? Look for answers in a dream? Figure out how to turn the experience into an entertaining story? Ask his servant boy to bring a sherbet to his tent? Organize his travel notes for his monumental book?

While he’d most likely do all of the above, one will be enough for me. I need to write a proposal and treatment for my Evliya film, and it appears that now is the time. There’s still time to travel in Turkey later in the spring. Feet: chill. Brain and fingers: do your stuff. Visitors welcome.


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