Baby steps

While Evliya Çelebi expressed sincere and often heartfelt feelings about people, animals and events, he generally maintained an ironic view of life. I guess that makes it particularly appropriate that I came from California to Turkey planning to visit many of the places Evliya described, and find myself stuck in a room, unable to travel while writing about a travel writer.

Four weeks ago I twisted my left ankle and broke it, just a little. (With fractures, “just a little” does make a difference as opposed to pregnancy, for instance.) Along with the usual foot elevation and icing routine, I’ve spent most of the time working to select and boil down a number of Evliya Çelebi’s many wonderful stories and observations into what needs to be a cohesive story for filming purposes. While still not finished with this extremely rough and increasingly baggy and shapeless first draft, I know it’s a necessary step. Next will be feedback from people who know about Evliya and people who know about film, and then the work will really begin.


But at least I can start to take some physical steps, and  go gaze at the distance when I get stuck writing. Yesterday I graduated from a Velcro boot to a compression sock. And if I manage to not stumble again for the next several weeks, there will be time to visit some important Evliya sites after all before heading back home.


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